31 May 2008

Grandma is coming!

Asher is so excited because in less than 24 hours his Grandma and Uncle Mel will be here! They are bringing him a whole suitcase full of clothes and other stuff from America. Asher's mom can't wait to see all of the little blue clothes and all of the stuff Aunt Beth sent. His mom also thinks that Grandma is gonna be surprised to see how big her belly has gotten. For now, Asher is resting so that he can give Grandma and Uncle Mel some big kicks when they get here and so he will be ready for the big 4D ultrasound on Monday afternoon.
In 100 days Asher will (hopefully) be here. We can't wait!

27 May 2008

25 Weeks

Asher is continuing to grow and so is my belly. Roger and I just started laughing today when we looked at this picture.

Over the past few weeks my belly has grown so much! We were looking through old pictures today and were amazed at how much bigger my belly looks compared to one month ago.

Everything is still going well. Asher kicks quite a bit and Roger has been able to feel more and more of his kicks. Next week Grandma and Uncle Mel will be here and we are going to get a 4D ultrasound.

21 May 2008





After several weeks of thinking and thinking and thinking we have named our son! We love this name because it has a very special meaning.

Asher - In the Old Testament, Asher was the 8th son of Jacob and basically his name means "happy and blessed by God" and "promised a life full of abundance and blessing."

Then Leah said, "How happy am I! The women will call me happy."
So she named him Asher.

Genesis 30:13

William - This is to honor a very important man in Roger's life. William was Roger's honorary father at our wedding and has been an important part of Roger's life for many years.

So, now the baby is named and all we have to do is wait for him to get here. I am now at 24 weeks and my belly seems to be getting bigger every day.

Asher is always moving and kicking. Sometimes he even curls up on one side of my belly and I can feel a hard spot, I am guessing that's his back or head. He now weighs more than a pound and is about a foot long.

In 10 days Grandma Susan and Uncle Mel will be arriving and bringing with them all of the stuff we have bought for Asher. I think I need to start making space for him in our extra bedroom. While they are visiting we will be able to go have a 4D ultrasound and a regular ultrasound at my doctor's appointment. We are also going to check out the Labor and Delivery floor at the hospital so they can see where Asher will be born.

16 May 2008

Big Head Baby

Yesterday we went to the doctor and has the customary ultrasound. Baby Boy is still doing great, Dr. Pujo said everything looked perfect. We saw (and I felt) him squirming around as the doctor checked him out. He made sure that we know he is definitely a boy, just like last time, we didn't need the doctor to tell us that.
He said the baby has a big head (just like his daddy) and was according to the ultrasound I am now 23 weeks (I thought 22). This actually makes the doctors due date of 09-09-08 more likely, originally he just picked that date because it sounded good to him.
I will get Roger to take some pictures soon and put them up in a few days.

11 May 2008

22 Weeks

Sorry for skipping last week, we were busy and I never got around to taking a picture. But a lot has happened in the past two weeks. Mostly my belly has gotten so much bigger.

Roger and I were looking back at pictures and we can't believe how much I have grown in just two weeks. At least now people can see that I'm pregnant and not just a stereotypical fat American.
The Boy With No Name is a lot more active these days. I feel him kick through out the day and when I lay down to go to sleep at night. Roger has been able to feel the kicks and even see them. I spent a while today just watching my stomach bounce around while he was kicking. He is now weighs about one pound and is almost 11 inches long.
Later this week we will go to the doctor for a check up and ultrasound.
I have spent a lot of time lately shopping online for all of the stuff we will need. Who knew such small clothes could be so expensive. My mom will be here June 1 and she is bringing a lot of stuff with her. I have mostly ordered clothes from the States and we are trying to find a car seat and a stroller here. Unfortunately people here just don't use car seats so most of the ones we are finding cost somewhere between $250-$400. Strollers are much easier to find and we shouldn't have any problem finding one in our price range. While on our quest for an affordable car seat we found a stroller/car seat set that was on sale for $1000! I guess for now we will keep looking and hope we can find something a little more reasonable.