21 November 2012

Project 365: 309 - 315

Day 309

The doctor told me Jack would be fine the day after surgery, but considering he had stitches and had been under anesthesia I didn't believe her. Turns out she was right. Jack woke up and acted like nothing was wrong.

Day 310

I love that he wants to help keep the car clean, I don't love when I get lectured about driving through puddles so that the car will stay clean.

Day 311

Poor little fellow. He was up early in the morning and then he didn't get to take a good nap. He crashed in the car on the way to pick up Asher.

Day 312

Sometimes (lots of times) when Roger is working at night we eat popcorn, watch a movie and just have fruit and yogurt for dinner.

Day 313

We got new water bottles for the boys. Poor Jack couldn't figure his out at first (you have to bite to get the water out), but he eventually did get it after Asher explained it to him.

Day 314

There's a new turtle at school. Is there anything better when you are 4?

Day 315

Do you think this looks loud? Because I can assure you it was even louder than it looks.

20 November 2012

Project 365: 302 - 308

Day 302

I got brave and wore jewelry to church. After I spent a few hours on the nursery floor while every single kid "explored" my jewelry I remembered why it was a bad idea.

Day 303

Yum yum yum. Jack went crazy on some rice.

Day 304

Love the city, hate the traffic.

Day 305

We spent the last day of Asher's school break hanging out with friends, watching Thomas and sword fighting.

Day 306

Asher headed back to school after his mid-term break. He was super excited to see all of his friends.

Day 307

Bangkok does not give us the opportunity to enjoy fall, so we decided to just pretend. We cranked up the AC and baked a bunch of fall goodies to go along with our very homemade Pumpkin Spice lattes.

Day 308

I got up early and headed to the hospital with Jack so he could have his hernia repaired. We are so spoiled here, we waited in a fancy lounge and Jack had 4 nurses following him around. It was so sad leaving him in the operating room, but at least I got to stay until he was asleep. The surgery was quick and we were back at our house less than 3 hours later.

18 November 2012

Project 365: 295 - 301

Day 295

Asher spent the afternoon with a container of water, a rock and two horses. He had a blast.

Day 296

I know that the very kind employee that gave Jack his own cart to push was trying to help, but wow, what a bad idea. Luckily most of the people he ran over worked at the grocery store, so I didn't feel bad.

Day 297

This week's super fun amazing outing was to the Bangkok Science Center. If the subway/skytrain/walk didn't wear us out, the toddler playroom sure did.

Day 298

So, another one of Asher's teeth randomly fell out. We are assuming it was just loose from his fall earlier this year. We were all sitting on the couch and he said, "Mom, this thing is in my mouth." Then he handed me a tooth. It was weird.

Day 299

Puzzles have been all the rage around here lately. Unfortunately they also cause a lot of rage in 22 month olds that can't quite figure it out by themselves.

Day 300

Our neighbor's bananas continue to grow into our yard. Still don't know the etiquette as far as whether or not we have any claim on them.

Day 301

The infant car seat is finally out of our extra bathroom (hey, there's no closets in these Asian houses) thanks to Craig's List.

17 November 2012

Project 365: 288 - 294

Day 288

Whenever you find something hidden in a weird place in our house, you know that Jack must be near by. I find my contact case in this same place (between my bed and mattress) almost every night.

Day 289

This is my cheap way to work out: 30 Day Shred on YouTube, 2 cans of spaghetti sauce for hand weights and a fan so I don't completely overheat. 

Day 290

Jack decided to take himself on a little stroll, no outside help required.

Day 291

Something (probably Nemo) was really holding their attention.

Day 292

When Jack's not busy hiding things he can be found stacking spices in the kitchen.

Day 293

That boy loves to run.

Day 294

We took a little impromptu road trip and while eating ice cream found ourselves engulfed in a small mob of photo seekers. Jack loved it. Asher just wanted his ice cream.

16 November 2012

Project 365: 281 - 287

Day 281

Girls night out! I enjoyed a fun evening of shopping, hummus and Cherry Sprite with some good friends.

Day 282

Poor Jack woke up from his nap with a high fever...and a hernia. We didn't realize it was a hernia at the time, but we have a great doctor and he immediately knew what it was. Some antibiotics and tylenol took care of the infection and fever and an appointment with a pediatric surgeon started to take care of the hernia.

Day 283

Policeman Asher was directing traffic on Rama IV (his new favorite street). He manages to be just as unpredictable and annoying as every traffic cop in this city.

Day 284

Our big outing of the week was a trip to the zoo. We hadn't been in a long time and it was definitely a lot more fun now that Asher is older. We saw lots of animals sitting on concrete slabs and were cornered by an angry goose inside a giant bird cage.

Day 285

They found a way to play together. Don't worry, it didn't last long.

Day 286

Jack in a box. Get it?

Day 287

A mall (not very) near our house was having an Earth Day kind of thing. There were lots of trees and fish to check out along with a hot air balloon.

15 November 2012

Project 365: 274 - 280

Day 274

After we picked Roger up at the airport we headed to the park to check out the turtles and climb on some stuff.

Day 275

Asher had his first field trip. His class rode a bus (big pink bus! with pictures of Lightning McQueen!) over to the aquarium and spent the morning looking at fish. It was pretty much the highlight of his entire month. He still talks about it.

Day 276

Since Asher was out of school we met some friends for a morning at the park. Asher's favorite part was getting to hold Ellie while we loaded the car.

Day 277

Jack got a little wild with some after lunch Oreos.

Day 278

Evidently all of the men in this family are genetically pre-disposed to leg crossing.

Day 279

Jack thinks there is nothing more fun that playing in his big brother's room.

Day 280

Asher's buddy gave him some Thomas chopsticks for his birthday. They are the training kind with little holes for his fingers and he can eat almost anything with them.

14 November 2012

Project 365: 267 - 273

Day 267

Mimi sent Asher some new clothes for his birthday and he wanted to pose for a picture before church.

Day 268

Roger had to go to Malaysia for a week, so we had a lot of picnics at dinner time.

Day 269

This was the flood that was the cause of an epic 2.5 hour drive home from Asher's school that included: flooding (obviously), traffic (always), a failed attempt at circumnavigating both traffic and flood, Jack throwing up in his car seat (while lost and stuck in traffic), seeing the central Bangkok prison (while Jack was puking), lots of Asher telling mommy to stop crying and that it would be okay, missing the road to our house and one final u-turn that got us home just in time to dry all of our tears, eat dinner and go to bed. And clean throw up out of a car seat.

Things like this only happen when Roger is out of the country.

Day 270

We made it home quite safely from school and our little poser wanted some pictures taken in front of the house.

Day 271

Jack was worn out and literally sick of being stuck in the car. Daddy come home!

Day 272

Asher's last day of school was a party day. He got to wear whatever he wanted (the helicopter, of course) and he spent the morning at school playing games and eating junk food.

Day 273

We survived the week (barely) and got everyone to bed early so we could get to the airport the next morning to meet Roger's plane.