30 November 2009

Playground Pictures

When it's sunny outside Asher gets to go to the playground while Roger and I are in class. Our friend Amanda took these pictures of him at the playground (wearing his new hat).

The Swing

The Monkey Bars

Riding the Car

The Slide

The Balance Beam

28 November 2009

Asher says Hello and Gets a New Hat

Asher has recently picked up a new word and he sounds so cute when he says it. Here is a video of his sweet little voice saying, "Hello!"

I was downtown shopping recently and found a new hat for Asher. He had been refusing to wear hats since last spring, but I was determined to get him to wear one when it was really cold outside. The first few days he would only tolerate the hat for a few minutes at a time. Then one day morning he brought it over to me and let me put it on his head. We immediately took him outside to take pictures of him and his froggy hat.

Asher and his froggy hat.
Serious Asher.
Asher, cheesin' for the camera.
The curl is still there, poking out from under his hat.

21 November 2009

Maplewood Farm

On one of the rare sunny days we have had Asher and I headed off to Maplewood Farm to see some animals. I didn't think Asher would really get it or have fun, but he proved me wrong. He quacked at the ducks, chased some birds and petted a few goats. Here are some pictures from the day.

The morning commuter nap. Asher was all warm and snuggly in his stroller, he stayed awake for the whole train ride, but fell asleep as soon as we got on the first bus.

Asher loves to quack like a duck and evidently he also likes to chase the ducks. He would get scared when they would start to chase him back.

After a while he got tired from all the running and petting and quacking, he took a quick rest in the sling and was ready to go again.

One of my favorite parts of the day was going into the goat pen. All of the goats were walking around and all of the toddlers were petting/hitting/harassing the animals. Luckily the animals were very good natured.

Asher was calm at first, but once he got excited the goats were in trouble.

Finally, we were back on the bus heading for home and he was out. He slept the whole way home.

14 November 2009

Boys Day In - a rare posting by daddy

It's a closely guarded secret what us men do when we've got the castle to ourselves. But on this rare occasion, we've decided to draw the curtain back a bit and reveal what happens when Mommy leaves us home alone...but just a little bit, we're not about to let the world know all of the happenings of the Secret Society of Hampton Men's Club (that would be most atrocious).

I managed to rig the camera to take pictures at random times throughout the day to give you a glimpse of what happens when we're holding down the fort. Warning: you may want to stop reading this post, you may become extremely jealous that you are not a Hampton man and are not privy to this secret society.

The day started on a skytrain ride to downtown Vancouver. The whole family was together, and unbeknownst to Mommy -- Asher and Daddy jumped off the train, went back to the apartment, and had a fun filled day of being men!

Setting the camera up in a good spot

Sometimes men just gotta hug

All this playing around requires a drink of water

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?

Boys like to wrastle

So that's what he does when no one is looking.

Nap Time!

It has been a long day, but a fun day. There are lots of other pictures that were taken to chronicle the day; far too many to post on here. Not that we'd even agree to post all the pictures (as stated before, Privacy is something that is highly valued in the Secret Society of Hampton Men's Club). We hope that Momma had a fun day downtown while us boys were at the club having a great time of our own.

13 November 2009

Muffin Man

I made some wonderful pumpkin muffins last week, Asher loved them. He ate one for a snack and another for breakfast the next morning. Later in the week I made another batch of muffins to share with all of our training friends. I put the muffins up on the kitchen table to cool while I finished making the icing.

Asher had been playing in the living room and I wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing. A few minutes passed and suddenly Asher strolled into the kitchen stuffing a pumpkin muffin into his mouth.

Evidently he had stood on his tip toes, pulled the muffins to the edge of the table and then taken one for himself.

Ha ha ha! After all of that effort I didn't feel like I could take the muffin for him so I just gave him a glass of milk, put him in his high chair and called it dinner.

07 November 2009

Science World

We took Asher to Science World in Vancouver recently. He was too little to really do much, but we had a good time playing and he really liked touching everything. Our favorite part was the toddler play area, Asher got to run around and explore all of the toys.

He really liked watching the light follow his hand, I was hoping it would be one of those things that makes your hair stand straight up.

Our little Piano Man played us a song, actually he just ran back and forth making a lot of noise.

Asher had fun with Daddy building towers with the giant Legos and then knocking them down.

The worst part of the day was when Asher discovered these stairs. Up until that point he had enjoyed playing with the Legos and walking around, after he saw the stairs we spent a lot of time climbing up and jumping down.

At the end of our trip we went into the play area for babies, it was pretty much just a padded cage. We let Asher run wild and he had a lot of fun falling down and trying to crawl over things.

01 November 2009

Halloween in Canada

This year we didn't make any Halloween plans until the last minute, so I hadn't thought much about a costume for Asher. In the end this really worked out for me because I got his costume for 50% off and his candy bucket for 70% off. Procrastination pays.

We really didn't do much, we just dressed up Asher, took a lot of pictures and then went over to the mall to Trick or Treat with some friends. Roger and I enjoyed getting candy and showing off Asher and Asher seemed to enjoy chewing on a sucker (while the wrapper was still on) and seeing all of the people at the mall.

As usual we took about a billion pictures, so we have had to narrow it down to the best.

At the end of the night Asher bear returned to Asher baby, he brushed his teeth and went to bed.