30 July 2008

34 Weeks

Only six more weeks until Asher gets here! Here is a picture of my growing belly.
We have been busy buying baby stuff recently. After searching many different baby stores we found a Graco car seat and stroller.
Hopefully having a nice stroller will make our long trip back to America a little more comfortable for Asher.
We are getting so excited imagining little Asher riding around in this car seat. But until he gets here the cats think that they should be able to play in it.
Our final big purchase was a baby bed. We debated what kind to get for a long time. We hated to spend a lot of money because the bed will only be used for three months before we move to America. Also, we wanted something that could fit into our small bedroom. After another round of baby store shopping we found this Moses Basket on sale.
It's small enough to fit in our bedroom, was on sale and will be easy to move.

I think we are almost ready for him to get here. I still need to wash some clothes and blankets, get bedding for the new bed and rearrange a few things in our other bedroom.

25 July 2008

32 and 33 Weeks

We are on the last leg of our final trip before Asher gets here. Tonight as we were waiting on a train we started thinking how crazy it is that the next time we fly or ride a train or really do much more than drive around the city Asher will (hopefully) be with us. I ordered a sling and bought a stroller so we should be ready for our world traveler baby to start accompanying us on our trips.

Here's a picture from sometime in the past two weeks. I think my belly already looks bigger than this.

23 July 2008


I realized today that I haven't updated here in almost two weeks. I have taken belly pictures, but we have been traveling and I haven't had a chance to upload the photos.

Really there isn't much to report. We did find a stroller and car seat. It was a bit of adventure at first, but our second day of going shop to shop we found exactly what we were looking for.

The main thing we need now is a bed, so far we haven't had much luck finding something small enough to fit into our room. Once we get back from this trip I am hoping we can spend a day just looking for baby beds.

Pictures coming soon...I hope.

11 July 2008

31 Weeks

Here's a picture from this week.

Since we have been home from our summer travels I have unpacked Asher's stuff and put it all in his wardrobe.

Wow! Look at all that blue!

The plan for this next week is to buy a stroller, car seat and bed. Hopefully they will all still be available when we make it to the store.

08 July 2008

Traveling, traveling

Asher is one well-traveled unborn boy. In the past 31 weeks he has visited 4 countries, 3 Indonesian islands and been to airports in 6 different countries. In fact, so far this year Asher has flown a total of 25842 miles. That's like taking one big trip all the way around the Earth!

After Asher is born the traveling will continue. In December we will be heading back to the States for a few months. That will involve taking a 3 month old Asher on a 36 hour plane ride. Any suggestions on traveling that far with an infant are welcome.

Only 2122 miles (and 63 days) until Asher is here!

05 July 2008

Weeks 29 and 30

We have been traveling for the past two weeks and finally made it back home late last night. Those airplane seats seem to be getting smaller and smaller these days...
Actually traveling while being pregnant has not been too difficult. Some airlines have let us board early, people on trains have gotten up so that I could set down and pretty much everywhere we have been people have stared and given me a good belly pat.
Our first stop on our trip around Asia was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All I wanted to do was take my picture in front of these towers.

After that we had a week-long meeting in Thailand followed by a week-long vacation in Bangkok.
We ate some great food (and I got some great indigestion) and did a lot of relaxing. We shopped for baby stuff and just generally enjoyed our time away from home.
Here is a picture from 30 weeks, you can see my big belly and our wonderful view of BKK.

For now we are back home, trying to unpack and hopefully start working on Asher's room. I think we have one more trip coming up before we settle in and wait for Asher to arrive.