27 October 2009

Asher in Canada

Here's some pictures of Asher from the past few days.

We rode the skytrain downtown on Saturday to go to Stanley Park. Asher was all cozy in his stroller and had fun playing with his toys on the train.

At the park Asher and Daddy had fun playing.

In order to prepare for our long trip to Bangkok we are trying to get Asher used to the idea of watching a DVD. The first few times we tried he was very uninterested, but I think we finally found something he likes. We went to the library a few days ago and borrowed a Baby Einstein DVD. Asher loves it! We put it in the computer this afternoon just to see his reaction. He stood in front of the couch and watched it for several minutes at a time.

If you want to see more of where we live go check out our journal and see the tour of our apartment.

25 October 2009

Asher's Canadian Room

I have had this dream of having a nursery for Asher for a while now, like way before he was born. It didn't happen in Indonesia (not enough time), it didn't happen in Kentucky (no room) and it didn't happen in Virginia (not our place). Now that we have settled down in Canada for the next four months in our very own apartment Asher gets to have his own room and my little dream has come true!

Here are some pictures of the fun stuff in Asher's room.

Thank you Beth Jackson for making the letters for Asher's name, it is a wonderful gift. Beth made them to match Asher's bumper pad and I think they are amazing. She even made them out of foam board so they would be super light weight and easy to pack.

Asher's elephants are all from Bangkok, except for the big one, it's a humidifier from Target.

We got all of the stuffed elephants while we were in Bangkok for our honeymoon and a few years later when we were there for vacation. When we got them I never dreamed they would end up in my baby's room.

The coat rack we also bought while on our honeymoon in a neat little shop in Chiang Mai, I can't wait to get back there and buy more fun stuff for our home in Bangkok. Each of the hooks is a little elephant. Asher's winter coat and hat are ready for the cold days ahead, he hasn't worn them much yet, but it is definitely getting colder here. Asher's little backpack (his birthday gift from Mimi) looks so cute hanging up there.

22 October 2009

Fall Days

We have missed fall the past few years and will be missing it quite a bit in the future, so we are taking advantage of the great weather and the beautiful leaves here in Vancouver. This weekend we went to the park to let Asher play and to take some pictures.

Asher was a little leery of the leaves at first...

...but he eventually got over it and plopped down in the middle of them.

Asher had a lot of fun exploring the playground and finding stuff to carry around.

By the time we left he was filthy and had to go straight to the tub when we got home.

19 October 2009

Asher and Veggie Tales

One of Asher's new favorite things to do is to listen to the Veggie Tales music he got for his birthday. His favorite song is the Intro song, every time he hears it he claps and starts bouncing up and down. It's got a good beat and he just can't help himself.

15 October 2009

The Cheeser

So far Asher has done well adjusting to another new place. This week he has been in childcare almost all day everyday, but he has had a lot of fun. He loves the people taking care of him and has fun playing with the other kiddos.

Today when we went to pick him up his teachers had a funny story for us. There is one other preschooler here and Asher and her usually play together just fine. Today his teacher noticed that he kept chasing her around trying to grab her back. After a while she realized that the little girls shirt was made from the same material as Asher's blanket. Asher thought she was wearing a blanket and wanted to rub his face on her! He's such a funny baby!

06 October 2009

To His Third Country

In the morning Asher is heading to Canada to experience four months of urban living and cold weather before heading off to Bangkok in February. This will mark the third country he has lived in and the fourth place he will have called home during the past year.

It will probably be a few days before we can update again, so while we travel enjoy some recent pictures of Asher.

Asher loves the dogs, but he enjoys them a lot more when they are behind a fence.

While Roger was mowing the yard Asher got to ride around with him for a minute, he liked in at first, but then he got scared.

For his birthday Asher got a backpack. He sort of freaks out when we put it on his back and if there is anything in it at all he tends to tip over backwards.

Pictures of Asher in Canada are coming soon!