17 June 2008

28 Weeks

Nothing exciting to report this week, I had another normal visit to the doctor last week and after my appointment I took my mom and Melvin on a quick tour of the Labor and Delivery floor at the hospital.

The belly is still growing and I'm starting to get just a little bit uncomfortable when I am sleeping.

As I mentioned earlier, my mom brought Asher a whole suitcase full of stuff. Two of our favorite things are the diaper bag from Aunt Beth and the Boppy cover from my mom. The Boppy cover even has Asher's name on it!

This last picture is just to show you how great Roger is. I have been really tired lately and having some contractions (don't worry, the doctor says it is normal), so while I was home resting earlier this week Roger went out and got me these flowers.

Aren't they beautiful? Asher is lucky to have such a great daddy and I am lucky to have such a great husband!

We will be traveling for the next few weeks, but hopefully I will still be able to update the blog with pictures. We leave on Thursday, June 19 and return on July 4.

11 June 2008

27 Weeks

The third trimester is here! Only 13 more weeks until we meet Asher. That's 90 days. 2160 hours. Unless he's early...or late. Either way we are getting to the end. The belly is continuing to grow and so is Asher.

I really don't think my belly is as big as it looks in this picture, every week I am surprised to see how big it looks. I thought it was maybe just the picture making me look big, but Roger assures me that's no the case. I think I'm starting to feel huge and just a little awkward when I bend over.
We go back to see Dr. Pujo tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to give my mom a tour of the hospital where Asher will be born.

05 June 2008

New Pictures of Asher

These are the pictures from the ultrasound we had this week. You can see Asher's face, hands and feet.

Who do you think he looks like?

04 June 2008

26 Weeks

Grandma and Uncle Mel are here! On Monday they went with us to have a 4D ultrasound and we were able to see Asher's face. We haven't scanned the actual photos yet, but we do have some videos. Below is a video of Asher yawning and kicking, you can see his hand and foot up by his face.

In this next video you can see his legs and then his face. We think he looks like Roger.

There are actually six videos from the ultrasound and you can see them if you click on this link: www.youtube.com/rahj218.

Baby Asher is still growing, he now weighs 1 pound 15 ounces (877 grams) and is completely healthy. The doctor measured every part of him and he found everything to be normal. We listened to Asher's heartbeat and to the blood flow from the umbilical cord. I am so happy that my mom and Melvin could be here to see and hear him!

This is my belly at 26 weeks. The belly is still growing, but I am feeling pretty good. Asher is kicking more everyday and has recently started kicking the bottom of my ribs.

My mom brought a whole bag of stuff for Asher. I will work on getting some pictures of all the clothes, blankets, diaper bags and other goodies that he now has.