31 January 2010

To His Fourth Country

Sixteen Months of Life. Six Months of Training. Five Homes. Four Countries. Two Continents. One Asher.

We are on our way to Bangkok, where, after 13 months of transition, we will finally settle down in a semi-permanent home. Since Asher has been born we have moved to a new country every 4 months (on average). That's a lot of moving, a lot of transitioning and a lot of packing.
Lord willing we will be in Bangkok much longer than that.
Right now we are in the midst of our trip, flying from Vancouver to Hong Kong and then on to Bangkok. Leaving from the West Coast actually makes it a much shorter trip and we only have one long (14 hours) flight. I've packed plenty of snacks, books and movies for Asher, so he should be entertained during the flight.

We will let you know when we arrive.

23 January 2010


Roger took some pictures of Asher out on our balcony yesterday and last night I edited them. These are my favorites, three pictures with three completely different sides of Asher.

22 January 2010

An Asher Video

Asher is mostly recovered from his Scary Day and things are getting back to normal around here. Well, at least as normal as things can get when you are moving to a new country in a week.

Back before Asher got sick we took a break from working and packing and had some fun during supper.

20 January 2010

Scary Day

Today was a scary day for Asher. He woke up this morning, had a morning cup of milk and then started swelling and getting hives and turning red. Roger and I ran him down to the closest Medical Clinic, but they didn't know what was happening. They sent us home to give him Benadryl and Pedialyte. After we got home Asher started getting sicker and we decided he needed to go to the ER.

Asher promptly threw up all over the waiting room at the ER which got us back even faster. They saw he was having an Anaphylactic reaction to something and gave him a shot of Epinephrine and some steroids, later we added in some more Benadryl for the hives.

Asher was worn out (and so were we) by the time we got out of the trauma area and into an observation area. We turned out the lights and took a little nap.

After a few hours Asher's swelling was gone, the redness was gone and the hives were gone. We got an Epi-Pen for the future and took a very tired baby back home.

Praise the Lord he is better!

14 January 2010

Asher's First Haircut

Asher's hair was getting out of control. He had some very sweet curls in the back, but unfortunately his sweet curls were looking a lot like a mullet. We decided he needed a little bit of a haircut and we decided to do it ourselves.

The Before Shot

Roger cutting off the curl.

Cutting off the rest of Asher's curls.

The After Shot

I think Roger did a wonderful job with the scissors and I think Asher looks like a big boy without his curls.
The front of his hair is getting a little long, but we are planning on waiting until we get to Bangkok before we take him to get a real haircut.

05 January 2010


Here are some pictures from our trip to Whistler.

We took a ride in the Peak2Peak gondola, it was really high up and is evidently an engineering marvel. I thought it was pretty neat, Asher didn't really care. He just wanted to run around.

Finally Asher got his chance to run. He seemed to like the snow.

We caught Asher and made him pose for a picture in front of Inukshuk.

We checked out the great views.

And then Asher decided he had enough of the snow.