25 August 2008

38 Weeks

Today Asher got a big box in the mail, it came all the way from Louisville! It was filled with clothes, books, toy and diapers.

This was Roger's favorite thing.

Sapi Cat felt like he needed to check out everything.

Look at all the stuff! Thanks Mandy (and family), we really appreciate you sending us such a wonderful package. Besides all the baby stuff, there were some Reese's Cups and Kit Kats for me and Roger.

Today was definitely a good day all around. Besides getting a package, we got hot water. Yay! After a week of cold showers it felt so good to take a hot shower. I was starting to worry that Asher would be taking some cold baths when he got here.

Nothing new to report, no doctor's appointments or anything this week. Roger got his haircut, so he's ready to take pictures with Asher. I'm just ready to trade in belly pictures for baby pictures. Here's me at 38 weeks, enjoying some Indepence Day festivities.

19 August 2008

37 Weeks

Today marks Asher being a full-term baby. That means we are ready for him to get here. We have moved past looking cute and being patient and into being hot and round and ready for our baby to arrive. Actually, there are still three weeks until Asher's due date, so really there's not too much to get excited about quite yet. But we are excited and hoping that just maybe Asher will decide he's ready to come on out.
Here's a hot and sweaty picture of me in our miniature kitchen. Excuse the scrubby look, we are once again without running water in our house and I am having to resort to bathing in our laundry room with a bucket and some cold water.

Here's to the possibility that by this time next week we will have a baby (or at least running water!)

16 August 2008

Baby Shower

The one thing I have definitely missed out on by not being in the States are baby showers. This really had me down and extremely jealous of all those people who got to make registries and get all those super cute baby things.
Yesterday all of the ladies here threw me a wonderful shower. We had a great time eating, opening gifts, playing games and sharing advice. I feel like I learned so much and I had a great time.
Here are some pictures from the shower.

Charlotte sent decorations from America, she may not be here, but her style still is.

I got a lot of great baby stuff from everybody. I got sheets for Asher's bed, clothes, lots of diapers, bath stuff, socks, pacifiers and some little toys. You can see the personalized "Asher" wrapping paper in this picture.

Look at all that food! They went all out on the brunch menu and we had some good stuff.

Of course there was a cake. It was so good that I ate it for breakfast this morning!

We had so much fun spending time together and playing with knives.

We enjoyed some classic baby shower games, Judy tore it up and won all of the games.

Everybody put in their guesses about Asher's birthday and size. If you want in on the contest leave a comment or send me an email. The winner will probably not get a prize, but you definitely get bragging rights.

Here are the guesses from yesterday:
Bethany: 7 lbs 1 oz, 20.5 inches, 12 September
Nancy: 6 lbs 2 oz, 20 inches, 15 September
Judy: 8 lbs, 21 inches, 18 September
Lindsey: 8 lbs 1 oz, 21 inches, 17 September
Reagan: 7 lbs 4 oz, 19.5 inches, 23 September
Charlotte: 7 lbs 14 oz, 9 September

Okay, the final thing from yesterday. Everybody wrote cards for us with advice, a prayer or scripture. I made a collage for Asher's room.

14 August 2008

36 Weeks

I went to see Dr. Pujo last Thursday night and he said all is well with Baby Asher, he is head down and engaged and we are ready for him to get here.

We are now going to the doctor every other week and as far as I know that will continue until Asher decides to make his appearance. Until then I am trying to keep myself busy and distracted. One very exciting distraction this weekend will be a baby shower! My friends here are throwing a baby shower brunch for me on Saturday. Check back later for pictures from the festivities.

06 August 2008

35 Weeks

Here's yet another picture of my ever-expanding belly.

So far I have gained about 18 pounds and I'm feeling pretty good about that. Hopefully since I have not gained that much weight it won't be too hard to lose it after Asher is born.

I think the nesting urge has hit me. Besides being up at 4 am washing baby clothes the other day I have found myself with the overwhelming urge to dust the tops of the ceiling fan controls and organize our socks. I keep trying to get Asher's room put together, but I get distracted by the little details (like socks and dust). Hopefully tomorrow while Roger is working on his fitness I will be working on making a disorganized guest bedroom into a nursery using only a twin bed, a small dresser and a Moses Basket. One of the downsides of Asher being born here is that we are moving soon after he is born and therefore can't really justify spending a lot of money on all that fun, cute nursery stuff.

While we are super excited that Asher will be born here, there are definitely disadvantages as well. Mostly missing out on having family around, having baby showers and all that kind of stuff.

04 August 2008

You know you're having a baby boy...

...when the baby laundry can be divided into two piles.

Light blue and dark blue.

But I guess I could also say this:
You know you are pregnant when you can't sleep at 4 am and you get up and decide the best way to spend your time is washing baby clothes.

Belly pictures from week 35 coming soon.