27 January 2011

Mimi's Trip

It started with us surprising Mimi at the airport with a sleeping Baby Jack.

Asher was so happy to see his Mimi the next morning. They spent a lot of time playing cars on the new mat she brought for him.

We went out to eat a few times.

Mimi gave lots of baths and Asher insisted that she be the one to put him down for all naps and night nights. She also had to be the one to get him up.

Mimi and Asher went on a dinner date to McDonald's.

We went to the park.

Mimi got to go with us for Baby Jack's first trip to church. She had fun showing him to all of our friends.

We broke out the bed sheets and tried to take some family pictures.

Asher still doesn't like to have his picture taken, but we tricked him into being in a few shots.

We spent an entire day watching Asher walk around like this:

(He fell in the driveway, got a boo boo and then decided he could no longer walk. Amazingly the next day when I didn't put a band-aid on his knee he regained full use of his leg.)

And then, sadly, it was time for Mimi to go home.

26 January 2011

1 Month

Jack turned one month old on Monday. At his one month check-up he weighed 10 pounds (4.55 kg) and was 21.5 inches (54.5 cm) long.

So far Jack is an easy baby. He doesn't cry much and he sleeps pretty good. A few times last week he slept through most of the night and even when he doesn't sleep all night he goes right back to sleep after eating. We swaddle him at night and he seems to really like that. He is eating great and obviously gaining lots of weight. Mimi gave him a bottle for the first time while she was here. He attacked it, drank 4 oz. and then got handed over to me to eat even more.

During the day he mostly naps on the couch or in my lap. It's not that he won't sleep in his bed, it's just that I am having so much fun laying around in the afternoons holding him. We have started putting him in his bed for naps in the morning and as long as we put him on his belly he sleeps really well.

My mom brought all of the cloth diapers with her, so within the past two weeks we have started using them. They are pretty bulky, but seem to fit Jack for the most part and they give him a sweet cloth diaper booty.

After a month Asher still really likes having Baby Jack around. He likes to know where he is and what he is doing at all times. I am so thankful that Asher adjusted well to his role as big brother.

21 January 2011

Asher and Mimi

At this moment: Asher and Mimi are at Thailand's largest indoor playground (conveniently located at the end of our street). Jack is asleep in his crib. Roger is reading a book on the Kindle. And I have absolutely nothing I need to be doing.

We have had a wonderful time with Mimi. Asher has been attached to her since the moment she got here. Mimi has to give him a bath, take him upstairs for naps and bedtime, make his lunch, change his diaper...

Here are some pictures from the other day when they were outside playing ball.

And of course, we have pictures of Jack.

18 January 2011

More Pictures

A few more pictures from around the house.

We've had quite a few visitors over the past few weeks.

Jack took his first bath and Asher was right there helping me.

So far Jack is a big fan of the bath. The bathroom is the hottest room in our house, so I never worry about him getting cold.

Asher and Jack wore their matching shirts the other day. Unfortunately this was the best picture we could get. Maybe when Jack gets a little better at holding up his head we will try again.

And more pictures of Jack doing his thing (sleeping) and Asher doing his thing (making things crash/eating flour).

16 January 2011


Mimi made it to Bangkok despite the best efforts of Korean Airlines to keep her in Seoul for an undetermined amount of time. We are just hanging out at home, eating, resting and enjoying having Mimi here with us.

Here are a few pictures of the boys from before Mimi got here.

Due to the appearance of a Kindle at our house my internet time has gone way down, but I'm sure I will eventually get the pictures off of the camera and get around to talking about life with two little boys in the house. And of course there is also my new adventure with cloth diapers (and Jack is asleep in a Moby wrap right now, I think I'm turning into some kind of crunchy/granola mom).

11 January 2011

2010 in Review (and Pictures!)

January was our last month in Canada. We said goodbye to all of our friends and packed our bags for Bangkok.

During February we settled into our new house, unpacked our stuff and spent some time exploring the city.

In March Asher got his first real haircut. This is also when we started studying Thai full time.

We went to the beach for a few days in April and had lots of fun swimming and seeing the ocean.

In May we found out we were expecting a new baby due on Christmas Day.

Mimi and Mel came to Bangkok in June and Roger and I celebrated our fifth anniversary with a night away.

During July we took Asher to the zoo and found out that Hampton Baby #2 would be a boy.

In August we saw Asher start to be more comfortable with Thai people and start to understand a lot of the Thai language.

Asher turned 2 in September. We celebrated with our church friends on Sunday morning and with all of his aunts and uncles that night.

In October Asher left his crib and moved into his new big boy bed with no problems at all.

In November we celebrated Thanksgiving with our friends and finally decided on a name for our new baby boy.

And of course in December we welcomed our Christmas Eve baby.

08 January 2011

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas didn't exactly go as planned this year since we were in the hospital with our little Christmas Eve baby.

Our original plans were to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our good friend Angela, make some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, open gifts and meet a group of friend at Outback for dinner.

Instead Angela spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Asher. They went and had waffles with a bunch of our co-workers on Christmas morning.

Asher had a great time surrounded by many of his favorite aunts and uncles and then joined us at the hospital for a little while. Definitely not the big Christmas morning I was planning.

A few days after we came home from the hospital we put out Asher's big Christmas present and let him come downstairs after nap time to see it.

He loves his new dog and his new brother!

We asked him what the dog's name was and he answered "maa" (rising tone). I thought he said Mel (my brother's name), but Roger quickly realized that he was saying the Thai word for dog. So now the dog's name is Dog.

I also wanted to take a family Christmas picture, even if it was a few days after Christmas.

We gave Asher a few of his other presents over the next few days. His favorite gift was a DVD with little short stories with characters from the Cars movie.

The day after we came home from the hospital we also had a box arrive from Granny. She sent clothes, Toy Story pajamas and lots of UK stuff for the boys.

And we even got to have our Christmas morning cinnamon rolls earlier this week. They were soooo messy and soooo yummy. I think they will become our new Christmas morning tradition.