27 February 2009


Asher goes lots of places. Asher sleeps lots of places. Asher needs a good bed to go places with him.

The Phil & Teds Traveller. It weighs 5.5 lbs and its superhero strong. It's from New Zealand. It's definitely cool.

Here's the story of the Traveller and its assembly in our living room.

The box arrived and Asher and Dad went to work.

After a few minutes of ignoring the directions and trying to shove poles together Dad took a sanity break and left Asher to do the work all by himself.

Asher wasn't having much luck doing anything besides rolling over and getting stuck, so Mom did the unthinkable.
She got the instruction book. The first page gave it all away.

Can you read that middle line? Just in case you can't, it says, "female guidance required."
Phil & Ted are some smart boys.
So, Mom starts reading and assembling. Dad even joined in again. Asher was still rolling over and getting stuck.

It really wasn't that hard. Especially after reading the directions.
Soon after this we had the finished product.

Super cool travel bed. Super cute baby.

The end.

Check out the Traveller at www.philandteds.com

25 February 2009

Five Months

Asher is now five months old. Wow.

We went to the doctor last week for shots and a check up and Asher weighed 15 lbs 15 oz and was 26.5 inches long. He got his first round of American shots and then spent the rest of the day sitting in my lap being sleepy and grumpy. I'm not sure what they put in those American vaccines, but it definitely does not make my baby happy. In Indonesia the shots never bothered him.

Yesterday there was an old tractor sitting in our yard. So we dressed Asher like a farmer and decided it was the perfect time to take some 5 Month pictures. There were two different photo sessions and I have two favorite photos.

Asher has mastered rolling over and keeps trying to pull his knees under him and crawl. We are working on sitting up, but he hasn't really figured that out yet. He still loves the exersaucer and knows how to spin around in it and last night he started pushing different buttons to make noise. In fact, he likes it so much it makes him a little silly.

Asher is still on the all milk diet, but I guess when he hits that 6 month mark we might start on the cereal. He already has a special bowl, spoons and bibs, I'm just waiting on him to act like milk is not enough.

13 February 2009

New Videos

Asher learned to roll over from his back to his belly this week. The first video is a very, very, very short clip of that. He's a little camera shy so it's hard to catch him in action.

Asher is also starting to giggle more. Before bedtime he was playing with daddy and getting tickled.

12 February 2009

New Things and Play Things

On Sunday Asher went to the nursery at church for the first time. I think it was much more traumatic for me and Roger than for him. He sat around and looked at the other babies, drank some milk and took a nap. I think he liked it and I think he will go back.

Asher has also gotten his first two teeth. The first one popped in last Thursday and the second one followed on Monday.

This is the best picture I could get. They are both small, but super cute and super sharp. He still hasn't learned to bite down and (for my sake when I'm feeding him) I'm not in a hurry for him to learn.

Besides growing teeth Asher has spent most of his time playing.

He plays with his doggy in his bumbo seat while we eat.

He jumps up and down in the doorway while we get stuff done around the house.

And thanks to cousin Kelly and Sara Kate he spins around in circles and plays until he is exhausted in this exersaucer.

11 February 2009

Ice, Ice, Asher

Asher's first snow was an adventure. We had a few inches of ice followed by a few inches of snow. It would have been great sledding, but we didn't have a warm house to return to when we were done.

The first night of no power we stayed at home. Asher slept in his bear suit and swaddle blanket and got to sleep in the bed with Mommy and Mimi. The next morning we woke up and decided it was too cold to stay at home and too dangerous to leave. So we went over to the neighbors and enjoyed their generator.

Asher didn't really care where we went as long as he could sleep. We spent a whole day and night sitting at the neighbor's house keeping him warm.

The next day we decided the roads had improved, so we decided to escape the winter wasteland and go to Nashville and shop at Target. The roads were not as improved as we had hoped, there were lots of trees and power lines down, but after a few hours we made it to Nashville.

Asher enjoyed a few nights in a hotel and a few days at Target before we received word the power was back on and we headed back to Kentucky.

05 February 2009

Four Months

Asher is now four months old and is getting his first tooth. It started a few days ago and now the first tooth has broken through his gums in a fit of screaming and tears.

The photography session really did start out well.

But right after this picture he fell forward onto his face and I may have accidentally knocked him in the head with my knee trying to catch him...and it all went downhill from there.

I really feel like we captured his pain. Poor baby! Hopefully he will start to feel better soon. We have been trying to give him cold teething toys to chew on, but he doesn't know how to chew yet so he just sucks on the toys and get his tongue cold.

Besides teething this has been a pretty uneventful month. Asher has started to giggle and interact with us more. He loves to sit up in his Bumbo chair or stand up in his walker. He's finished with all of that laying around like a baby nonsense.

We haven't been back to the doctor, so I don't have an update on his size, but I think he's getting bigger everyday. We still haven't started solids and I really don't plan to until around 6 months, but we will see how Asher does on his milk only diet.

Asher does have a favorite toy, his puppy.

This is the first toy that Asher has really shown an interest in. He mainly enjoys picking up the puppy and then throwing him on the ground, he also loves to get a puppy dog ear in his mouth so he can suck on it. The other day he even fell asleep holding his puppy.

03 February 2009

We're Back

Asher survived the ice/snow storm last week. It was cold, but he stayed warm in his bear suit and got to sleep in the bed with his Mimi before we escaped to Nashville.
We finally have electricity, heat and internet again.
Pictures and more coming soon.