28 June 2011

The Baby Club

Jack and I had a pool date with Rebecca and Daniel a few weeks ago. We got everybody all sun-protected and spent a good 15 minutes in the Thailand sun before retreating to the shade (and eventually indoors so the babies could eat).

Jack and Daniel had a baby conference concerning this water bottle.

They both looked up at the same time, so we got a good picture of them. I think they look like complete opposites.

Daniel and his mom are heading back to the States soon. Jack and I are going to miss them so much!

6 Months

This has been a big month for Baby Jack. He started sitting up, he started eating a little bit of food other than milk and he got two teeth. He weighs 7.4 kg (16 lbs 5 oz) and is 67 cm (26 inches) long.

The sitting up started several weeks ago. I sat him up and he didn't fall over. We still have to keep the Boppy around him because he sees a toy, dives for the toy, crashes and knocks his head on the hard floors. Either that or he sees Asher and just gets so excited he falls over.

He is also trying to crawl. He flips to his belly the instant he gets put down and is pretty good at turning in circles and scooting backwards. I don't think it will be long before he is chasing Asher around the house.

Jack's first food ended up being papaya. We went to lunch and had some papaya. I had been reading about Baby Led Weaning and decided to just give Jack a piece and see what happened. He gnawed on it for a while, ate a little bit and was quite pleased with himself. Since then we have given him cucumbers, carrots and avocado. I think he really likes having food to play with while we are eating and the cold carrots seemed to feel good on his new teeth.

So, these new teeth. I had no idea the boy was about to grow teeth. Last Thursday afternoon I checked and he still didn't have any teeth. He was fussy from getting some vaccines (or so I thought) and I rocked him to sleep so he could get some rest. An hour later he woke up with a tooth. The next morning he woke up with his second tooth.

Baby Jack is still sleeping good and has fallen into a little bit of a schedule. He wakes up around 7:30 and then takes a morning nap about an hour later. Normally he will sleep for an hour and a half or two hours. After that he will stay awake until around 12:30 and then take another 2 hour nap. He needs to take another little snooze before bedtime, but it usually doesn't happen. Bedtime is around 7 or 7:30 and typically we don't hear from him during the night.

Jack's favorite person is still Asher. He absolutely loves being around him. I can't wait until he gets a little bigger and they can really play together.

And did I mention he also met Tom Cruise?

19 June 2011

Let It Start With Me

Here's a video showing some of the amazing city and wonderful people that are around us everyday. Check our this crazy place we live in and see some of the people we get to work with.

10 June 2011

Some Pictures of Asher

The insanity that is our living room on a rainy day.

Stuck at home with nothing that needs to be done. Asher had a blast getting out the blocks and the cars and taking Baby Jack's play mat and throwing it across the room.

The best way to watch TV with Daddy.

When Asher really gets into a movie (currently Toy Story 2) he loves to cuddle with whoever is closest to him.

02 June 2011

An Asher Video

Here's a video Roger made last night while I was at the airport picking up Mimi.

A few notes on the video:

1. Asher with his finger up his nose. What?!? That was so random. I don't think I've ever seen him do that before, but it was hilarious.

2. The singing is a new thing. We think he sings lots of songs at school.

3. The crazy babbling is him starting to learn a new language (we think). It's like when he was a baby and he was just learning English, you can hear all the different sounds and tones that go into making up Thai.

4. He throws in a few random Thai phrases that pretty much mean "and then..." and "do you agree?"

5. I don't know where he picked up "see you a minute" but he says it all the time.