17 June 2010

Bath Time Bubbles

Asher's fascination with bubbles has found it's way to bath time. We have started putting bubbles in the sink for him and he suddenly loves taking a bath. His favorite thing to do is to put bubbles on Daddy's face and to have Daddy put bubbles on his face.

Enjoy these pictures. it will probably be a few days before we update because Mimi and Mel should be arriving in Bangkok in less than an hour. We are looking forward to getting to spend two whole weeks with them. They haven't seen Asher since Christmas and I think they will love seeing how much he has grown. We don't really have any definite plans while they are here, but we will probably hit up all the touristy places and I am positive we will take a lot of pictures

11 June 2010

The Beginnings of a (Diaper) Stash

Today I bought cloth diapers. I wanted to use cloth diapers with Asher, but for a few reasons (um, we moved 5 times last year) it just never happened. Now that we are settled in and back in Asia, the land of no diaper coupons, I decided to take the plunge. And by taking the plunge I mean that I said, "I would love to use cloth diapers, but I'm not doing it unless somebody gives them to me, gives me money to buy them or I find used ones here in Bangkok." Well, so far nobody has read my mind and mysteriously sent me diapers, but I did find some for sale last week.

I did some research and found out that used cloth diapers are a good option. The lady I contacted was from England and so most of the diapers she was selling were British brands. They all had good reviews online, so this morning Asher and I went out to her house to see what she was offering and get a quick lesson on how to use cloth diapers.

Sidenote: She lived really far away. And we went during rush hour.

She didn't have any diapers for a baby Asher's age, she was just selling some of the diapers she used when her children were younger. While I would love to go ahead and start using cloth diapers with Asher I figure that this way I will at least have cloth diapers for Baby #2.

I'm still learning all of this cloth diaper lingo, but I think that today I bought 3 pocket diapers (size small), 5 cloth diapers (the kind that have to have a cover over them) and 4 diaper covers. Of course she was British so I bought nappies and wrappers with poppers.

Here's the stash.

She had a lot more, but they were all for little boys and at this point there's a 50/50 chance that we will be having a girl. I told her I would get back to her once I found out what we were having. I did go ahead and get one blue diaper because it was cute and even if we have a girl this could be the diaper she wears for UK games.

I put one of the diapers on Asher tonight and it just barely fit him. If our next child is the same size as Asher these diapers should easily fit him or her until they are close to 18 months old.

And by the way, I paid about $40 for all of these diapers. I calculated later that if I had bought them new I would have spent about $175. I am not good at being thrifty, but I love it when I am!

And for those of you that are wondering the pocket diapers are Fuzzi Bunz and Happy Heinys and the other ones are Sandys with Motherease Wraps (they are British brands I think).

07 June 2010

10 More Days

Mimi and Mel will be here in 10 days and we are getting pretty excited about their visit. Today we made a Countdown to Mimi and Mel calendar and put it up in the living room. I did most of the work, but Asher colored on a few of the pages for me.

Yes, I know my baby has sloppy joe on his face. But they were really good sloppy joes (The Pioneer Woman) and I can't blame him if he wanted to save some for later. He's still sweet and he still can't wait to see his Mimi.

05 June 2010

The Bubble Video

Here it is, Asher and his bubbles and his sweet little voice. Turn on your speakers and enjoy.

03 June 2010

Catching Up and Bubbles

Our computer has been in and out of the repair shop lately, so I haven't been able to keep everyone updated quite like I like to.

Asher is still all boy. He is obsessed with anything that has wheels. Good thing for him we live in Bangkok where we see cars, taxis, trucks, busses, motorcycles, tuk-tuks, and bicycles everywhere we go. He has recently learned to say truck and tuk-tuk. He won't say taxi, he just calls it a car, but every time he sees a taxi he holds out his arm just like Roger and I do when we need one to stop and pick us up.

Asher has also gotten really good at doing a "wai." A wai is the Thai greeting that is done by putting your hands together in front of your body. When we tell him (in Thai) to say hello, goodbye or thank you he will do a wai. We love it and the Thai people love it, too.

I haven't taken too many pictures lately, but here are a few from this week. Asher and I were enjoying a morning playing with blocks and cars.

Our newest toy is Asher's bubble maker. We bought it at the weekend market recently (for $1!) have spent many hours sitting on the front porch making bubbles. Asher loves to chase the bubbles and yell "Bubble!" when they go off into the yard.

Baby #2 is still doing great. We got to see the little one last week, but really it looked more like blob than baby. The due date is December 22 and I am just praying that this one will not be as late as Asher. I am hoping for a December baby. For now I am looking forward to this first trimester being over and hopefully getting some of my energy back and getting past all of the nausea.