30 December 2012

Project 365: 344 - 350

Day 344

At Asiatique: all was well until Jack got his head stuck in the railing. For real. That little stinker shoved his head right between those rails and started screaming. I had a brief moment of panic and visions of the scene the foreigners were going to cause before I just grabbed his head and yanked it back out. He recovered quickly, but it took Roger and I a very long time to stop giggling about it.

Day 345

Jack has taken ownership of Asher's old bike.

Day 346

You can tell we will be having company soon because I actually got the "train room" all cleaned up and sort of organized. I think Jack managed to undo all of my work as soon as he woke up the next morning.

Day 347

Our Jesse Tree is filling up with ornaments. Asher proudly hangs them up every night.

Day 348

Asher had a doctor's appointment and while we were at the hospital we went by the NICU and got our first look at sweet Baby Owen. He's still too tiny for us to hold, but we did steal his big sister for a quick snack break.

Day 349

I made rolls for the first time. They were actually good (I had my doubts about my roll making ability) and not too difficult. Thanks to the rather warm environment in my kitchen the rising time was cut down from 2 hours to about 25 minutes.

Day 350

I filled up a container with water and set the boys loose. There's no better way to spend a hot December morning than pouring water on your brother when he's still in his pajamas.

Project 365: 351 - 357

Day 351

We took the boys and went to look at Christmas lights. Last year it was relatively cool and we wore long sleeves and pretended it was cold. This year is was like 95 degrees and 90% humidity.  A true Bangkok Christmas.

Day 352

While getting rid of all of our loose change I came across all of these different coins: Japanese Yen (used to share a washer with former Tokyo dwellers), Indonesian Rupiah (used to live there), Malaysian Ringgit (visited there a few times), Thai Baht and a few American coins. 

Day 353

Asher brought home a Christmas ornament from school. I asked him if he made it and he enthusiastically told me no, his teacher made it, which to him makes it even more special.

Day 354

So those two really like to eat plain pieces of bread in the afternoons. I don't really get it.

Day 355

Jack and I went on a little Christmas shopping expedition that included a water taxi ride. Unfortunately it was quite unsuccessful, but Jack did enjoy being on the water. Also, I think Jack looks exactly like Asher in this picture.

Day 356

We took Granny up to the top of the tallest building in Thailand. While Granny enjoyed the views of the city Jack enjoyed driving the tuk-tuk.

Day 357

Asher took Granny to see some Christmas trees. Then he taught her how to take pictures like a Thai.

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Bangkok!

I'm just accepting that for this year, this picture is as good as it gets.

15 December 2012


Here's real life around our house.

The toys.

The Christmas tree.

The laundry.

And little boys staying cool on a hot December morning.

Merry Christmas.

14 December 2012

Project 365: 337 - 343

Day 337

My laundry basket grew legs and ran away from me.

Day 338

I stopped by the hospital to check in on a friend and got a nice shot of central Bangkok.

Day 339

Asher had a program at school to celebrate Father's Day. He stood up in the front of everyone and sang with his class and made a card for his Daddy.

Day 340

We celebrated Father's Day by wearing our yellow shirts in honor of the king and spending the whole day at home together. Asher was a good little Thai boy and wai-ed his Daddy.

Day 341

Mimi's Christmas present is on the way to America. I think it will make her giggle every time she sees it.

Day 342

Jack and I spent the morning at the hospital playing with Emma on the rooftop garden. I think these two are just about 9 months apart, so technically they could be brother and sister like everyone thought. They both love to cuddle and to run and neither one of them likes to share Goldfish crackers.

Day 343

I met up with some friends for dinner at Terminal 21. I am always amazed by the big express escalator, you can go straight from floor 1 up to floor 5.

12 December 2012

Project 365: 330 - 336

Day 330

Asher is so very proud of his little Christmas tree. He turns it on as soon as he wakes up every morning and proudly hangs a new ornament from our Jesse Tree story on it every night.

Day 331

My little school boy marches down the hall every morning to put away his backpack before he runs off to the playground to see his friends.

Day 332

I enjoyed my first (and probably last) Peppermint Mocha of the season, definitely my favorite Starbucks drink.

Day 333

My friend Shalinn is moving back to America. She moved to Bangkok right around the same time Jack made his appearance in Bangkok and we have seen her almost every week since then. She is an amazing worship leader and we will definitely miss her talents on Wednesday mornings.

Day 334

Asher asked if we could make a birds nest. We did it. I officially have used up all of my craftiness.

Day 335

Asher was part of the morning assembly and helped to raise the flag during the national anthem. He was very serious during his task and very proud afterwards.

Day 336

We spent the whole day kicking off the Christmas season. We put up the tree, decorated the house and then ended the day with a trip downtown to see all the Christmas lights.

10 December 2012

Project 365: 323 - 329

Day 323

King David was royally thrilled with the little sinks at the mall.

Day 324

Asher's bed was just waiting for him to jump in.

Day 325

We pass trucks like this all the time, but I finally captured the craziness.

Day 326

We headed to Chiang Mai for Thanksgiving and decided to show the boys the spot where Roger proposed. They were unimpressed with the family history lesson, but quite taken with the construction equipment.

Day 327

Before we headed off to stuff ourselves with turkey we stopped by the Chiang Mai zoo and saw some animals. Roger fed a cheetah pieces of raw meat. He said it was the best trip to the zoo he has ever had.

Day 328

We enjoyed a lovely retreat in the mountains outside of Chaing Mai. Roger went zip-lining, we spent hours talking with friends and the boys went wild on the playground with their friends.

Day 329

I took my first flight alone with the boys. It was late at night and a short flight and I think it was mostly a success. It was a little sticky for a while when both boys were asleep and wouldn't wake up to walk off of the plane, but we made it.

07 December 2012

Project 365: 316 - 322

Day 316

Little bit had to go back to the doctor to get his bandages taken off and then he got cozy and took a long afternoon nap.

Day 317

Snack time got complicated when Jack spilled his cereal and saw the big pigeons start circling up around him.

Day 318

Everybody is heading home from work. Luckily I was headed into the city, so I got to miss some of the traffic.

Day 319

Yay Asher! He got all A's in English. Love it. 

Day 320

Asher skipped school and after we did some grocery shopping we grabbed some lunch at the mall. Asher's new thing is paying for stuff and getting change back. He's pretty funny about it, he will just stand there holding his hand out waiting and waiting for the clerk to give him some money back.

Day 321

Jack was worn out after playgroup and was getting pretty silly waiting for nap time.

Day 322

Asher loves to wear long sleeves  and he loves to pose for photos.

21 November 2012

Project 365: 309 - 315

Day 309

The doctor told me Jack would be fine the day after surgery, but considering he had stitches and had been under anesthesia I didn't believe her. Turns out she was right. Jack woke up and acted like nothing was wrong.

Day 310

I love that he wants to help keep the car clean, I don't love when I get lectured about driving through puddles so that the car will stay clean.

Day 311

Poor little fellow. He was up early in the morning and then he didn't get to take a good nap. He crashed in the car on the way to pick up Asher.

Day 312

Sometimes (lots of times) when Roger is working at night we eat popcorn, watch a movie and just have fruit and yogurt for dinner.

Day 313

We got new water bottles for the boys. Poor Jack couldn't figure his out at first (you have to bite to get the water out), but he eventually did get it after Asher explained it to him.

Day 314

There's a new turtle at school. Is there anything better when you are 4?

Day 315

Do you think this looks loud? Because I can assure you it was even louder than it looks.