09 January 2009

Asher's First Christmas

Asher had a great first Christmas. He got some fun new toys, lots of book and some cute clothes. We spent Christmas Day in Paducah with Courtney's family and then later headed to Lexington so Asher could meet the rest of his family.

Here's our little elf on Christmas morning.

Asher got some fun toys from Uncle Mel and lots of books from Mommy and Daddy. Here we are helping Asher open his presents. Of course, he didn't really get the whole present thing, but we still enjoyed getting him some gifts and opening them in front of him.

After opening presents we tried to stuff Asher into his stocking for a cute Christmas morning picture.

Our chunky baby boy wouldn't fit in the stocking, but he still gave us a big smile while we tried.

Here's the whole family on Christmas Day.

At Asher's next Christmas celebration we enjoyed more family time and presents and Asher was dressed like (a very sleepy) Santa Claus.

It was a great holiday season! To see more pictures go to Zenfolio.

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