19 June 2009

Asher's Room

One thing I have wanted to do since before Asher was born was decorate a nursery. It didn't happen in Surabaya because we were moving so soon after he was born and it hasn't happened in Paducah because we don't have our own place to live. I have high hopes that someday Asher will have his own room and that I will get to decorate that room and that next time we have a baby I will get to decorate a nursery for them.

Since we have been in Paducah Asher has been using the same bumper pad his Uncle Mel used when he was a baby. Thank goodness we had one to use or Asher would have a lot of bumps on his head.

A few weeks ago I made the mistake of going into Pottery Barn Kids and looking at all of their super cute baby stuff. I knew that I shouldn't have gone in, but I couldn't help myself. Seriously, this store is one reason I don't want to move overseas again. Everytime I go in there I want Roger to get a job and buy me a house so I can decorate a room for Asher. Anyway, I have been wanting to get a little crib set for Asher. This way when we start moving all over the world his little bed can look the same, I'm hoping it will make the transitions easier on him. I have had my eye on one at Target for several months and was saving up to buy it. But then came Pottery Barn Kids and all of their super adorable and super soft bedding. It was awful, I told Roger to go print out some resumes and take out a loan. We weren't moving to Bangkok. He was going to be working 40 hours a week and I was going to have my very own house. Luckily Roger is a man and because he is a man he is not easily swayed by items in baby stores. Thank goodness. He got me out of that store and into Baby Gap. I bought Asher some great baby-capris and went about my day.

A few days later I was using the computer and found baby bedding on sale at Pottery Barn Kids (click here to see it, I got the Caleb bumper and the Little Critters crib skirt). I decided to take the plunge and get Asher some new stuff. It actually ended up being cheaper than Target and I love it! I only got a bumper pad and a crib skirt, but it makes me feel better about moving away and it makes his crib look great. I am hoping that if we do have a little girl one day that this stuff could be used for her room as well.

Here's a picture of Asher's bed with it's new threads:

I haven't gotten any new crib sheets yet. I would like to get something really bright, but I'm not sure what color would look best. Any suggestions?

And just in case you were wondering here's a few more pictures of Asher's room (that is also his playroom, our bedroom, office and living room).

Asher in the library, he loves to sit and read his books.

The elephant humidifier, the growth chart full of pictures and the old rocking chair.

I am excited that even though it is not the nursery I thought Asher would have, it works for us.

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Brittney said...

Courtney, your post is so honest (and it made me laugh) and real and I am thankful for two things:
1. That you treated yourself and Asher to some cute crib stuff
2. That you are willing to sacrifice for foreign missions and to heed the call of God on your lives. Praise Him we are storing up for ourselves things where moth and rust can't destroy.

I think that a really nice royal blue sheet would look good (have you seen Liar Liar, "ROYAL BLUE!") Royal blue would bring out the designs on the bed skirt. But I really like that kelly green too. It's just so cute!!