20 July 2011

The Grand Palace

While Mimi was here we decided to go check out The Grand Palace. Besides being the most famous touristy place it is also the hottest touristy place. And the hotness is only intensified by the dress code: pants and closed toe shoes. We had some good sweaty fun, but I am not planning on going back anytime soon.

Mama and Jack.

Daddy came with us, too!

The famous Emerald Buddha.

Jack finally escaped the carrier.

Of course, he was soon captured by a group of Chinese tourists so that they could take pictures with him. (We were at a gas station earlier this week with some volunteers when a Thai woman walked up, asked for Jack and then took him back to her food stand while she finished making drinks for the other customers. The volunteers asked if this was normal, I assured them that it was completely normal for strangers to walk off with my baby.)

Jack was returned to Mimi after the photographers were finished with him.

And a family photo. Asher was at school so he didn't come with us.

Thank you photoshop, Asher was able to join us after all.

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