17 February 2008

10 Weeks

I am going to the doctor this week. The doctors here almost always do an ultrasound, so hopefully by the end of the week we will have some pictures of Baby Hampton.
The morning (afternoon, evening and night) sickness seems to be getting better. For the past two days I have felt somewhat normal. As long as I have plenty to eat I feel fine. I am hoping that it is all finished.

There is (well, maybe there is) a little bitty baby bump. At least I think there is, but maybe I'm just getting excited about all the new clothes that I got from America. We have a volunteer in our city and she brought me some maternity clothes. I now have a pair of jeans and a few shirts. In the picture I am wearing one of my new shirts, I'm going to try to take a picture in it each week.
I mentioned in the last post that Roger was buying a Play Station 2. I am working on my Guitar Hero skills and hoping that Baby Hampton will be a Rock Star.

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Beth said...

I see a little baby bump! Email me your moms address so I can mail her the stuff I have gotten for you all before May...Oh by the way when you get back we will have a guitar hero competion, I am pretty good at it!