08 February 2008

9 Weeks

I still haven't been to the doctor, but I think this is about nine weeks. I decided to take a belly picture, but I don't think there's anything there yet.

I did a self-portrait because Roger isn't home right now. He mentioned something about the baby needing toys and went off to buy a Play Station.
So, with several months to go our baby's only possession is a video game system. We're going to be great parents!
Actually, today I went to the baby store. I guess it's sort of like...hmm, no idea what I could compare it to. It was a store with baby stuff, some of it was outlet stuff (Gap and Old Navy) and some of it was just regular baby stuff. They have everything in this one, little, crowded store. It was overwhelming, so I didn't actually buy anything. They have strollers, but they are expensive because people usually carry their kids around like this until they are about 12 years old:

I think we will be buying a stroller.

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Becky said...

That is called a hib sling...i am getting ready to go grocery shopping and Owen will be in one of those. They are awesome! you don't have to worry about hills etc. My kids have loved it. Mine is a ring sling, but the mai tai is my favorite by far!

Becky Ferraro