17 June 2008

28 Weeks

Nothing exciting to report this week, I had another normal visit to the doctor last week and after my appointment I took my mom and Melvin on a quick tour of the Labor and Delivery floor at the hospital.

The belly is still growing and I'm starting to get just a little bit uncomfortable when I am sleeping.

As I mentioned earlier, my mom brought Asher a whole suitcase full of stuff. Two of our favorite things are the diaper bag from Aunt Beth and the Boppy cover from my mom. The Boppy cover even has Asher's name on it!

This last picture is just to show you how great Roger is. I have been really tired lately and having some contractions (don't worry, the doctor says it is normal), so while I was home resting earlier this week Roger went out and got me these flowers.

Aren't they beautiful? Asher is lucky to have such a great daddy and I am lucky to have such a great husband!

We will be traveling for the next few weeks, but hopefully I will still be able to update the blog with pictures. We leave on Thursday, June 19 and return on July 4.

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