10 December 2009

Asher, It's Cold Outside

After almost a month of rain we have had almost 2 weeks for sunny days. Vancouver is a beautiful city when it's not raining, there are snow-capped mountains all around us and even in December the grass is still green. Since it hasn't been raining I wanted to take Asher to the park to play. Although it's not raining it is still cold (after all it's December in Canada), so Asher has to bundle up before we go out.

He started out running around in his diaper while I chased him and tried to put clothes on him.

The first layer is his Christmas outfit from Aunt Beth.

Next comes his shirt and blue jeans.

Add on the coat, mittens and froggy hat.

Into the stroller and zip up the Asher bag, ready to walk to the park.

As always we had a great time at the park and we even had a project: collecting pine cones and branches to decorate the house with for Christmas. If you want to see the finished project check out our Journal (www.rogerandcourtney.blogspot.com).

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