08 December 2009

Boys in Chairs

Asher has developed a love for sitting in chairs. I think it all started at school where he gets to sit in a chair to eat his snack and do crafts.

We have been wanting to get a little chair for Asher, but kept putting it off because we knew we would have to leave it behind when we left. But our neighbors saw how much Asher loved their daughter's chair and they went and bought him one. We were blown away by their thoughtfulness and Asher is blown away by having his very own chair.

Asher also loves the chairs at the library.

He prefers to sit at the kids table and read books, but when he gets bored there he likes to go sit in the bigger chairs by the big kids books. From there he has a better view of what all goes on in the library.

And for your enjoyment, a self portrait of me and Asher.