25 February 2010


We took a trip down the river last week. The plan was to take a Water Taxi to a flower market, but we got on the wrong boat and in the end decided to just take a free ride down the river. We ended up a mostly empty mall, but we got a free boat ride and Asher kept us entertained the whole time. Here is a sample of the faces we get from Asher everyday.

This is a new favorite, the I'm not getting my way and I'm not happy about it face. In this instance Asher wanted to climb down the steps onto the dock and jump into the water. As a responsible parent I had to tell him no. He didn't like that.

This one is the everything is okay in the world because I'm with dad face. It's probably one of my favorites.

The what in the world is that face. Bangkok has caused this face to be seen quite a bit, everything is new here and Asher is still trying to figure it all out. This one could have been caused by the fact that we were on a boat or by the trash we saw floating down the river or by a passing train or by a bird. Asher loves to chase birds.

And finally the regular smile face. One of Asher's new tricks is to make his silly scrunched up nose face every time we tell him to smile. I'm sort of partial to this smile although the other one is pretty funny.

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