03 March 2010

A New Place to Play

Last weekend we went to the top of the tallest hotel in Thailand. Roger and I were excited to check out the view of the city (lots of buildings, lots of smog), but we didn't know how much fun Asher would have.

When we got to the observation floor we found some pretty good views and a lot of things for Asher to play with.

Luckily we had some coins with us and Asher got to ride on the little Tuk-Tuk.

After a while we switched over to the big Tuk-Tuk and Asher took Daddy for a ride.

Asher had a cracker for a snack.

We couldn't pass this one up...

And finally a family picture. It really wasn't all that bright, Asher just likes to squint when we tell him to smile and he was a little upset about having to pose for a picture.

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