17 June 2010

Bath Time Bubbles

Asher's fascination with bubbles has found it's way to bath time. We have started putting bubbles in the sink for him and he suddenly loves taking a bath. His favorite thing to do is to put bubbles on Daddy's face and to have Daddy put bubbles on his face.

Enjoy these pictures. it will probably be a few days before we update because Mimi and Mel should be arriving in Bangkok in less than an hour. We are looking forward to getting to spend two whole weeks with them. They haven't seen Asher since Christmas and I think they will love seeing how much he has grown. We don't really have any definite plans while they are here, but we will probably hit up all the touristy places and I am positive we will take a lot of pictures

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Beth J said...

Thank you for still washing your baby in the sink. Us too. Love y'all!