03 June 2010

Catching Up and Bubbles

Our computer has been in and out of the repair shop lately, so I haven't been able to keep everyone updated quite like I like to.

Asher is still all boy. He is obsessed with anything that has wheels. Good thing for him we live in Bangkok where we see cars, taxis, trucks, busses, motorcycles, tuk-tuks, and bicycles everywhere we go. He has recently learned to say truck and tuk-tuk. He won't say taxi, he just calls it a car, but every time he sees a taxi he holds out his arm just like Roger and I do when we need one to stop and pick us up.

Asher has also gotten really good at doing a "wai." A wai is the Thai greeting that is done by putting your hands together in front of your body. When we tell him (in Thai) to say hello, goodbye or thank you he will do a wai. We love it and the Thai people love it, too.

I haven't taken too many pictures lately, but here are a few from this week. Asher and I were enjoying a morning playing with blocks and cars.

Our newest toy is Asher's bubble maker. We bought it at the weekend market recently (for $1!) have spent many hours sitting on the front porch making bubbles. Asher loves to chase the bubbles and yell "Bubble!" when they go off into the yard.

Baby #2 is still doing great. We got to see the little one last week, but really it looked more like blob than baby. The due date is December 22 and I am just praying that this one will not be as late as Asher. I am hoping for a December baby. For now I am looking forward to this first trimester being over and hopefully getting some of my energy back and getting past all of the nausea.

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