18 April 2011

Asher's First Day of School

This morning Asher got up and ate his oatmeal and got ready for his first day of school.

He was very excited about going to school, but I think it was mostly because he knew that he would get to ride a motorcycle and the train to get there.

The night before Roger made a name tag for Asher's backpack.

We managed to get a few quick pictures with Baby Jack and Mama before he ran out the door with Daddy.

He was so happy to get to go with Daddy, he smiled and skipped all the way down the street.

Asher loves to ride motorcycles, so this was the perfect way to start his day.

Roger said that Asher cried when he left him with his teacher, but a few hours later when he went to pick him up he was sitting in a circle playing with some new friends.

The Teacher's Report: He didn't cry after Roger left, he was very good, he wouldn't let anybody help him eat, he's really good at eating.

Asher's Report: School! Wash hands! Eat noodles! Motorcycle! Train! Go back to school?

Overall I would say it was a very successful first day of school. Asher will actually be going to school everyday for the next two weeks (it's summer term), but when the regular school year starts in May he will probably only go a few days a week. Also, in May he will wear the little Thai preschool uniform. He looks so sweet in it! Roger said that his backpack alone got a lot of stares today, I can't imagine what it will be like when he's in his uniform.

As for me and Baby Jack, we just hung around the house. I did some cleaning, caught up on some reports for work and enjoyed being able to walk outside to hang up laundry without finding Asher's shoes, putting on Asher's shoes and then corralling Asher out the door to "help" me. I was so excited at lunch time when Asher came running through the door and I enjoyed his pre-bedtime cuddles even more than usual tonight.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

Love it! I believe Isaac's main comments about his first days at school involved hand washing and snacks. Though now he talks about doing his "assigments"...amazing how his language, (though spoken with a thick chinese accent at times) has really taken off since going.
Gotta go make a pb&j and wait for my oldest munchkin to walk through the door too! (a few hours away really help make a happy homecoming each day!)