03 April 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

We had a cold spell last week in Bangkok. It was freezing. We got to sit under blankets at night, we almost froze on the motorbikes and Baby Jack got to wear a hat. A hat!

I guess I should mention that our idea of cold may have changed since The Great Ice Storm of 2009. It was around 70 degrees and we were wearing sweaters and jackets. Jackets!

This week we are back to normal March weather in Bangkok. High of 93, low of 91. But last week was fun. We had cornbread muffins and soup for dinner and pretended, just for a few days, that we lived in a temperate climate.

1 comment:

Mark and Beth said...

i'm impressed you even had jackets and hats! too funny:) it's all about perspective, right?!