06 October 2011

9 Months

The last month has been crazy for Baby Jack! He has gotten 3 new teeth, flown 10,000 miles and learned to move.

Jack is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. We always find him standing up in his crib. Like in the middle of the night. Or the middle of nap time. Not so fun, but it is fun to watch him explore and get into stuff. Asher was in full time childcare when he started crawling, so we didn't really get to see him go through this stage as much.

Jack weighs about 17.5 lbs and still has chunky thighs. He was sleeping great before we left Bangkok. Most nights he would sleep 7:30 pm - 8:30 am and take two good naps. I think one reason he has been sleeping so good is that he now has his own room. Unfortunately this means that Roger and I don't have a room to sleep in. So we sleep downstairs on the couch. Totally worth it. And we have an amazingly comfortable couch.

He's still a good eater. I made some baby food and he likes to eat that, but most of the time we have just been giving him little pieces of rice and whatever we are eating. Dragon fruit has been the big favorite lately along with some little rice cakes that we bought at the park.

Jack was pretty easy on the flight over to America. He mostly slept and grabbed stuff. And one time he flipped my entire meal tray on the ground. Oops. Hopefully the return trip will be just as easy.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

So big! When did he get big? The pic of him and Asher in the bed could easily be mistaken for a twin picture except for Jack's pacifier... too cute!!!