25 September 2011

Asher's (3rd) Big Day

We had a blast celebrating Asher’s birthday this year. Here are some pictures from the big day so you can follow along and see what we did.
There was, of course, much talk about the big birthday the night before. Asher was pretty excited about going to his “Happy Birthday to you.” I think most of his excitement came from the mention of cupcakes.

I made cupcakes to take to Asher’s school. I was going to splurge and buy the box of cake mix and the tub of frosting. But then I saw how much it cost and I turned to my best source for all thing baking: The Pioneer Woman.

We went to Asher’s school at the end of the day and created chaos when we took cupcakes into a room of two and three year olds.

Asher’s teachers got all of the kids gathered around the table and broke out the candles.

After clearly establishing that Asher is 3 years old one of the teachers lit 4 candles. I still haven’t figured that one out.

All of the teachers and Asher’s friends sang Happy Birthday to him and then one of his favorite teachers prayed for him.

Baby Jack came along for the festivities. He alternated between screaming when he was whisked away from me and giggling because he absolutely loves it when Thai women start going crazy over him.

Asher had to give cupcakes to Roger and I first. This confused all of us, very contrary to the American idea of the birthday boy being the one to go first.

After he served us and his classmates he was taken around to serve cupcakes to all of his special teacher friends. Evidently being the only white boy in school makes you quite popular.

Cupcakes can get pretty messy.

A few of Asher’s school friends. If you look at the far right side of the picture you can see the back of a mullet. That mullet belongs to a boy named Big Boss. Seriously.

School clothes and school shoes.

Asher’s class. Big Boss is on the far left.

Asher and his favorite teacher. He calls her Khum Khum.

Asher and his other teacher. She looks friendly in this picture, but I feel like I am constantly disappointing her. Asher seems to like her.

After school Asher found some presents in his room.

Of course, little brother got in on the excitement.

To end the day of celebration we had waffles and juice with a few friends. I think that might have been Asher’s favorite part of the whole day.


Annette said...

Hi Courtney! My name is Annette and we were told about your blog by our pastor in Killeen, TX. How he knows you or heard of you I'm not really sure but I have enjoyed following your blog when I remember to check it. Anyway, the thing that is the coolest is that we are headed to Bangkok soon (my husband is already there and working for the Army at a joint Thai/US research facility). I would LOVE to pick your brain a little bit about life in Bangkok with a little one since we just had a daughter on August 19. If you have the time and can get back to me that would be awesome. I don't know if my email address shows up for you or not, but I have this set for follow up comments to come to my email address (I don't really want to put it out there for all the world, ya know!).

roger and courtney said...

Hey, you can email me and we can talk more about BKK. My email is courtneyhampton@gmail.com

Anthony & Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Asher! Yay for being 3 years old!

Courtney...seems like 2 months ago when we saw yall and you were pregnant with him in Thailand. Cuh-RAZY how the time goes!