27 January 2013

Coming Up Next...

...it's our trip to America!  In approximately 51 days and 9 hours we are heading back to Kentucky for our Stateside Assignment. Basically, every couple of years we get to go to America and reconnect with everyone. I'm dreading the trip and anticipating the destination. Being locked in airplanes with Jack Hampton for 29 hours sounds like a nightmare. It also makes me thankful that we are only 29 hours from the US and it's a much easier journey than the trip home from Indonesia. We will be living in Paducah until December and hopefully doing a bit of traveling around the area as well.

In other news, Jack maybe has a broken leg. He fell a week ago and hasn't walked since. The doctors can't find anything on the x-rays, so we are just waiting...I think. Either way, it's not a lot of fun to carry around a 2 year old in the Bangkok heat, but at least he doesn't have to wear shoes and that saves me a few minutes every time we leave the house.

We are keeping busy getting all of stuff ready to go into storage. It's a great time to get rid of stuff, so I have been cleaning out closets and throwing away as much as I can. One benefit of moving so often is getting rid of stuff I don't really need, but moving is a lot of work. I consider myself an expert 50 pound suitcase packer at this point and I will soon be testing my skills again.

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The Crummy Chronicles said...

We'll be praying for Jack. Keep us updated!