01 January 2013

Project 365: 358 - 366

Day 358

Roger played tour guide and took everyone to Ayutthaya to see the old temples and ride elephants. Asher had a blast, Jack and I stayed at home and Roger posed on an old temple.

Day 359

Happy Birthday Baby Jack!

Day 360

Merry Christmas! And let's mention how these four could not sit still for a picture. Every single picture has Asher frozen in this pose, Jack running away, Ellie being held in place by Asher and Aedan looking he's just fed up it.

Day 361

We followed up an exciting Christmas with two sick boys and lots of laundry.

Day 362

Daddy and Asher relaxing in the glow of the iPad. More than likely it was Asher showing off how great he is at Fruit Ninja.

Day 363

Roger and I went out for the evening and I had the opportunity to model my Christmas present.

Day 364

I took Roger's mom out for a foot massage, it's the best way to end a day of walking around the city.

Day 365

Jack had Asher's sunglasses and Asher's bike. You can imagine how well Asher took that.

Day 366

Asher got a guitar for Christmas and he loves to sit on the couch strumming some chords and making up songs.

And that's it. An entire year in pictures. I'm glad that I did it and I'm glad to be done.

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Anthony & Sharon said...

I'm clapping! Can you hear me?! I enjoyed my year with the Hamptons. Are you gonna put these in a book entitled "2012: A Pic A Day"? You should. Soft cover is what I'd go with so it has a nice casual coffee table feel. Happy New Year!