06 March 2008

12 Weeks

Sorry for the delay in updates and pictures, but 40+ hours of traveling and re-entering American culture have sort of thrown us off a little bit. Anyway, here's the new picture.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the belly has definitely gotten bigger. Most of my pants are uncomfortable now, but thanks to my new Belly Band I can still wear all of my blue jeans!
I have taken advantage of being in the States and have stocked up on maternity clothes and tried to start buying a few baby things.

Of course when Roger saw this at Wal-Mart we had to buy it. Baby Hampton is gonna be a Wildcat!
I have been feeling quite a bit better this past week and I am hoping that I am past most of the sickness. I'll try to update more often once we are back in The Islands.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what you can have shipped etc, but Old Navy maternity is AWESOME. They are cheep, cute and comfy. Also, motherhood has some great hard to find things like plain t-shirts (that don't look like tents etc).

Enjoy your new clothes, the only problem is you can't wait to get out of them by the end! Enjoy, it goes way to fast.