16 March 2008

14 Weeks

After another long trip we are finally back home and trying to get settled in. I am feeling much better and I think if I could get over jet lag and get some good food I would probably be feeling even better.
We left the good old US&A on Monday, March 10, but because one of our planes was delayed in Minneapolis and the fact that it's just a long stinkin trip we didn't make it back until Thursday, March 13.
While in the States I did quite a bit of shopping for me and not very much for the baby. I really meant to buy a bunch of baby stuff, but it's all pink or blue and for now we don't know which color to buy. I did get a few onesies and some blankets from my family.

So far I've just gone for the green and yellow, but I hope that we can soon be buying pink or blue. We are going to the doctor tomorrow (if we actually get up and get around to it) and there's a chance she might be able to tell. If not, we will have her check again when we go for my next visit at 18 weeks. I added a poll on the side, so vote and let us know if you think the Hampton baby is a boy or a girl.

I took advantage of my time at Kentucky Oaks Mall and got a ton of maternity clothes (thanks mom!) and ordered a few more things online.

I don't really need to wear any of my new clothes, but I really want to! For now I am able to wear most of my pants with my lovely Bella Band. The picture I took this week doesn't really look too different from two weeks ago, but I can definitely tell a big difference. I can no longer comfortably button any of my pants and I can look at myself and tell a big difference.

Check back later this week, we will hopefully get some ultrasound photos when we go to the doctor and who knows, we may even find out if it's a girl or a boy. Don't forget to go ahead and vote!

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Anonymous said...

It isn't too uncommon to be able to tell if it is a boy at 14 weeks, but girls are harder to tell so if it is a girl you might have to wait til 18 to get the "for sure" guess.

CLothes look great! Do you think I could talk you into waiting for the birth to find out the gender? We have done that for our 3 and it has been AMAZING. Dave was beaming when he made the calls... it's a boy or it's a girl. Just a little thought.

you look so cute.