22 April 2008

19 Weeks

After last week's excitement of finding out we're having a boy, I'm not sure what to write about. I am now at 19 weeks and growing.

I've traded in most of my running for walking and swimming. It's just too hot here to do much running. And I'm enjoying wearing my new clothes, although the shirts are still a little too big.

We are sort of working on naming the baby, we really had a lot of good names for a baby girl, but are having to work a little harder to come up with boy names. We have some ideas, well, actually I think we have it pretty much narrowed down to two names...but you still have to wait. I'm sure we'll get around to naming the baby sometime before September.

We have started shopping for some baby stuff around here. It's sort of overwhelming trying to what to buy and how much to pay for it. We need a stroller, car seat and something for the baby to sleep in. I guess this baby stuff can get sort of expensive.

Anyway, we have been busy around here working and hanging out with Surabaya's newest attraction, Baby Jabin.

Jabin was born at the same hospital where we will have our baby and he turned out alright, so we are feeling pretty confident about having our baby here. The main problem I have with the hospital is their use of pink blankets. Boys and girls alike are wrapped up in pink blankets the entire time they are there.

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Beth said...

Hey I will get you a blue blanket it so you can wrap my nephew in it when you have it...I will send it when I send the other stuff to your mom!