17 April 2008

We're Thinking Blue!

We went to the doctor tonight and could very clearly see that we are having a son! We are excited and so are the grandmas. Last we heard Grandma Susan was running through the halls of Lone Oak Elementary making sure that everyone knows she is going to have a grandson. Doesn't she look excited?

Everything looked good with the baby boy. We actually got to hear the heartbeat for the first time tonight and could see that he has grown a lot since our last ultrasound 4 weeks ago. In fact, we could even see him starting to take after his Uncle Mel by sucking his thumb!

We went to a new doctor tonight and really liked him. He said that he thought my due date should be September 9 instead of September 15 because, "09-09-08, that would be a good birthday to have, you know with all of those 9's." So, yeah, the power of modern medicine is not to be out done by the doctor thinking that having lots of 9's would be great thing.

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Anonymous said...

THe top of your blog is so cute...the three of you look like you are drinking your tea!

I am so happy for you guys, little boys are so sweet.