08 July 2008

Traveling, traveling

Asher is one well-traveled unborn boy. In the past 31 weeks he has visited 4 countries, 3 Indonesian islands and been to airports in 6 different countries. In fact, so far this year Asher has flown a total of 25842 miles. That's like taking one big trip all the way around the Earth!

After Asher is born the traveling will continue. In December we will be heading back to the States for a few months. That will involve taking a 3 month old Asher on a 36 hour plane ride. Any suggestions on traveling that far with an infant are welcome.

Only 2122 miles (and 63 days) until Asher is here!

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Anonymous said...

We took Isaac when he was that age.....
1. nurse when the plane is going up and down.
2.Big extra clothes...don't forget a pair for the baby too :-)
3. Bring lots of diapers and wipes
4. bring a sling to carry the baby through the airport.
5.Take it one step at a time and just enjoy it!