30 July 2008

34 Weeks

Only six more weeks until Asher gets here! Here is a picture of my growing belly.
We have been busy buying baby stuff recently. After searching many different baby stores we found a Graco car seat and stroller.
Hopefully having a nice stroller will make our long trip back to America a little more comfortable for Asher.
We are getting so excited imagining little Asher riding around in this car seat. But until he gets here the cats think that they should be able to play in it.
Our final big purchase was a baby bed. We debated what kind to get for a long time. We hated to spend a lot of money because the bed will only be used for three months before we move to America. Also, we wanted something that could fit into our small bedroom. After another round of baby store shopping we found this Moses Basket on sale.
It's small enough to fit in our bedroom, was on sale and will be easy to move.

I think we are almost ready for him to get here. I still need to wash some clothes and blankets, get bedding for the new bed and rearrange a few things in our other bedroom.

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Anthony and Sharon said...

Yay! This last few weeks will go by SO fast and SO slow at thaeasoifwW (ISAAC HELPED AND APPARENTLY HIT CAPS LOCK IN THE PROCESS)...sorry, and so slow at the same time. He'll be here before you know it! I like your stroller. This one had the car base for it right? :)