25 August 2008

38 Weeks

Today Asher got a big box in the mail, it came all the way from Louisville! It was filled with clothes, books, toy and diapers.

This was Roger's favorite thing.

Sapi Cat felt like he needed to check out everything.

Look at all the stuff! Thanks Mandy (and family), we really appreciate you sending us such a wonderful package. Besides all the baby stuff, there were some Reese's Cups and Kit Kats for me and Roger.

Today was definitely a good day all around. Besides getting a package, we got hot water. Yay! After a week of cold showers it felt so good to take a hot shower. I was starting to worry that Asher would be taking some cold baths when he got here.

Nothing new to report, no doctor's appointments or anything this week. Roger got his haircut, so he's ready to take pictures with Asher. I'm just ready to trade in belly pictures for baby pictures. Here's me at 38 weeks, enjoying some Indepence Day festivities.

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Anthony and Sharon said...

We LOVED getting packages. There are times when I could use another color, but all the blue that comes exploding out of the boxes is so fun! Little Asher will be here before you know it...and as far as trading that belly goes...I thought back when Isaac was about 2 months old and I honestly could not even remember what it felt like to be pregnant!!! It's so true that your mind gets erased!

We're looking forward to Asher pics!