06 August 2008

35 Weeks

Here's yet another picture of my ever-expanding belly.

So far I have gained about 18 pounds and I'm feeling pretty good about that. Hopefully since I have not gained that much weight it won't be too hard to lose it after Asher is born.

I think the nesting urge has hit me. Besides being up at 4 am washing baby clothes the other day I have found myself with the overwhelming urge to dust the tops of the ceiling fan controls and organize our socks. I keep trying to get Asher's room put together, but I get distracted by the little details (like socks and dust). Hopefully tomorrow while Roger is working on his fitness I will be working on making a disorganized guest bedroom into a nursery using only a twin bed, a small dresser and a Moses Basket. One of the downsides of Asher being born here is that we are moving soon after he is born and therefore can't really justify spending a lot of money on all that fun, cute nursery stuff.

While we are super excited that Asher will be born here, there are definitely disadvantages as well. Mostly missing out on having family around, having baby showers and all that kind of stuff.

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