19 March 2009

Asher Eats Rice (cereal)

Asher reached a big milestone recently, he ate something besides milk for the first time. He had started waking up an hour earlier than normal and he seemed hungry a lot during the day so we decided it was time to eat some cereal. Since Asher is our Indonesian baby (and because the doctor said to) we thought it would only be fitting that his first meal be rice cereal.

I was a little sad to feed him cereal for the first time. I was glad we were able to make it six months with just milk, but I just can't believe that Asher is big enough to be eating anything besides milk.

Our first (and continuing) challenge is to get Asher to keep the bib out of his mouth. He actually thinks that the plastic bib tastes better than the cereal.

It was definitely a family occasion as he got his first bites of cereal. Roger and I took turns feeding him. Now, Roger is usually the one that feeds him his cereal. Asher seems to eat better when Roger is the one feeding him.

It was definitely very runny that first time, but I think some made it in his mouth and into his belly. Asher did pretty good letting the spoon in his mouth that first time and now he is learning to open his mouth when he sees the spoon coming towards him.

And what did Asher think about this new spoon and cereal experience?

He thinks that cheeseburger looks a lot better than drippy, sticky rice cereal.

I have been making Asher some more baby food to try. So far I have made carrots and squash and frozen them. As soon as I decide my little bitty tiny baby is enough of a big boy to eat vegetables we will be trying those as well.

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