26 March 2009


Now that Asher has mastered rice cereal we have started giving him carrots. He doesn't really like them. Here is a video of Roger and Asher tackling the carrots.

The carrots are so messy that I usually strip Asher down to his diaper when it's time to eat.

Look at that face, poor baby just doesn't like the carrots...yet.

Even if he doesn't like them, he looks cute trying to eat them.

If you were wondering, this the baby food that I made. It's a little chunkier than I would like, but I'm not sure how to get it to be more smooth. Any tips?

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Brittney said...

HILARIOUS!!! I could seriously watch that video over and over and just laugh :) I plan on making Anna's food later on too when she gets to that point - pass along any tips on baby food making!!