28 March 2009

What's in your cup?

Early mornings around here call for caffeine.

I believe our addiction is shared by Asher.

He really

But he will take a Daddy kiss.


Brittney said...

AH! Hey Courtney :) I've been keeping up with Mr. Asher via yall's website (rogerandcourtney.com) and LOVE looking at how Asher has grown since he's been out of the womb :) What a joy it is to be a mom - and yes you are so right, there is so stinkin' much you learn from that role. Anyhoo, now I can keep up with yall via your blog too. So much fun! Chat soon!
Brittney and Jeff

ccjajb said...

that was so cute!!! I love this little blog! You're camera takes awesome pics. Hey! Maybe you'll get a new lens for your bday...:)