25 October 2009

Asher's Canadian Room

I have had this dream of having a nursery for Asher for a while now, like way before he was born. It didn't happen in Indonesia (not enough time), it didn't happen in Kentucky (no room) and it didn't happen in Virginia (not our place). Now that we have settled down in Canada for the next four months in our very own apartment Asher gets to have his own room and my little dream has come true!

Here are some pictures of the fun stuff in Asher's room.

Thank you Beth Jackson for making the letters for Asher's name, it is a wonderful gift. Beth made them to match Asher's bumper pad and I think they are amazing. She even made them out of foam board so they would be super light weight and easy to pack.

Asher's elephants are all from Bangkok, except for the big one, it's a humidifier from Target.

We got all of the stuffed elephants while we were in Bangkok for our honeymoon and a few years later when we were there for vacation. When we got them I never dreamed they would end up in my baby's room.

The coat rack we also bought while on our honeymoon in a neat little shop in Chiang Mai, I can't wait to get back there and buy more fun stuff for our home in Bangkok. Each of the hooks is a little elephant. Asher's winter coat and hat are ready for the cold days ahead, he hasn't worn them much yet, but it is definitely getting colder here. Asher's little backpack (his birthday gift from Mimi) looks so cute hanging up there.

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Brittney said...

AH!!! SO STINKIN CUTE! I love his room because it's practical, simple, and you have everything where you need it. Great work! I really like the letters with his name too :)
Oh and as far as the amber necklace for Anna goes - I think it's word a little bit b/c this go around with teething I've only given her baby Tylanol twice and she's getting 4 teeth in at once instead of 2 teeth. She's back to sleeping 12 hours at night and taking her 2 naps during the day but we had a stint in there where she woke up once every night. Bet that'll come sometime again in the next month. Ha. Anyhoo, thanks for the pictures!! Excited to hear about your Canadian adventures!