22 October 2009

Fall Days

We have missed fall the past few years and will be missing it quite a bit in the future, so we are taking advantage of the great weather and the beautiful leaves here in Vancouver. This weekend we went to the park to let Asher play and to take some pictures.

Asher was a little leery of the leaves at first...

...but he eventually got over it and plopped down in the middle of them.

Asher had a lot of fun exploring the playground and finding stuff to carry around.

By the time we left he was filthy and had to go straight to the tub when we got home.

1 comment:

Brittney said...

One of my favorite things about Anna is her hands and how she holds things and flips then around to look at them - my favorite picture of Asher is the one where he is looking at the pinecone cause you see how his precious little hands are holding it :)