06 October 2009

To His Third Country

In the morning Asher is heading to Canada to experience four months of urban living and cold weather before heading off to Bangkok in February. This will mark the third country he has lived in and the fourth place he will have called home during the past year.

It will probably be a few days before we can update again, so while we travel enjoy some recent pictures of Asher.

Asher loves the dogs, but he enjoys them a lot more when they are behind a fence.

While Roger was mowing the yard Asher got to ride around with him for a minute, he liked in at first, but then he got scared.

For his birthday Asher got a backpack. He sort of freaks out when we put it on his back and if there is anything in it at all he tends to tip over backwards.

Pictures of Asher in Canada are coming soon!

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