12 May 2010

The Hampton Baby (#2)

So far there's not much to update with Baby #2. I'm really less than 8 weeks along, but I have already reached the point of not feeling too great. Food is my biggest enemy and biggest love. I only feel good when I am eating, but thinking about food makes me feel nauseous. It's a sick cycle.
And the cravings...
I never really craved anything when I was pregnant with Asher. Now there is always something that I want. I just wish it was Thai food. My cravings are getting a little bit expensive because they only thing that sounds good to me is beef and Mexican food. Not exactly cheap options around here. Thai food is wonderful, but suddenly it all tastes bad. Considering that two weeks ago I ate Thai food at least once a day (usually twice a day) this has been quite a change. Roger and Asher are still eating their rice while I gag and try to figure out what in the world actually sounds good to me.
Luckily Thailand has my wonderful Xylitol gum. I discovered Xylitol a few months before Asher was born and it is amazing. I'm not sure why but it makes me not nauseous. As a result I chew gum from the time I finish breakfast until I go to bed everyday. It works so I'm not complaining.
Next week we have an ultrasound and a check up scheduled. Roger has a day off of school so he will get to go with me and since we have a new house helper Asher will not have to go with me. It's like a date...at the hospital!


Mark and Beth said...

i pray the nausea leaves you soon. i didn't have any with jake, but this time with sam (#2) i was nauseated all the time and would wake up to get sick throughout the night. not so much fun, but at least i wasn't actually getting sick during the day- just nauseated. there are lots of things to try for nausea- unisom/b6 combo, zofran, phenergan, small bland meals, even zantac in case it's silent heartburn! i am 19 weeks now and the nausea is finally better this week! we are so excited for you all and can't wait to meet #2. thinking of you all often!

roger and courtney said...

I feel so much better than I did with Asher, even though I feel bad I am relieved to be getting sick all of the time. My doctor did give me some medicine called Plasil for nausea, I finally gave in and took some last night. I felt better than I had in several days.