08 May 2010

My Baby's So Asian...

...he doesn't even like Macaroni and Cheese.

Really. He won't eat it. He actually won't eat anything involving cheese. He will eat fried rice and Thai omelettes. He will eat spring rolls and he absolutely loves Thai iced tea. He even eats all kinds of slightly strange Japanese food that our neighbors give him (tofu waffles anyone?). But he absolutely will not eat Macaroni and Cheese.

Here's a picture of Asher playing with his friend Prim at the playground. They swim together on Saturday mornings and then hit up the park after nap time. Prim thinks Asher is an over-grown baby doll. She follows him around feeding him snacks and giving him drinks of water. I think he's getting spoiled. Now Asher just walks up to Prim and opens his mouth and waits to see what kind of snack she will give him. Did I mention that Prim is only 3 months older than Asher? I think she is trying to spoil Asher just like her nanny spoils her.

And don't worry, updates on Baby #2 will be coming soon.

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