18 February 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

We started getting ready for Roger's birthday celebration on Thursday while he was at school. I wanted to make a Happy Birthday sign to hang up for his party. My big idea was to have Asher paint each letter of the sign. Then I realized that would be 13 paintings. I am a realist and realized this probably wouldn't happen.

I got Asher set up outside with his paints and lots of paper. I found this little table in our storage shed/maid's house and it was the perfect size for him to work on.

He actually painted 4 or 5 pieces of paper, which was plenty for the sign I decided to make.

"HBD นะ (nuh)" is Roger's favorite Thai way to wish our friends Happy Birthday.

Friday night some of our friends came over and we had a party to celebrate Roger and two of our other friends that had birthdays this week.

They had to share a cake, but they each got their own candle.

Our food selection ended up being all cheese. We had Rotel Dip (thanks Mimi!), Doritos, and fancy cheese and crackers.

Asher and Jack had fun hanging out with everybody.

Jack was his usual easy-going self and seemed to enjoy being passed around among our guests.

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Anthony & Sharon said...

Awww! Fun! Happy Birthday Roger! It's birthday week at the Rivers' house too. Isaac's is Sunday and ours is the 26th. Fun!

roger and courtney said...

We had three birthday people last night plus two more that couldn't make it to the party. Plus you guys. It's a popular time for birthdays.
We were counting back nine months from this week to try and figure out why there were so many people celebrating birthdays at the end of February...