14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day from the Hampton Boys!

Of course, there's a story behind these two pictures.

First, we made a heart out of play dough.

Then I put Jack in his crib and put the heart on top of him.

And he smiled!

I showed Asher what I did with Jack and asked him to lay down on the bed so I could take a picture of him.

Not gonna happen.

So, I told him to hold the heart and I would just take a picture of him.

Didn't quite work for me. Also, he somehow came to be in the possession of some Orajel.

I gave up and figured at least I have one good picture with the heart and I have a good picture of Asher from yesterday.

I worked a little Photoshop magic and downloaded a fun font.

And that made me have a Happy Valentine's Day.
(Along with the special dinner and a movie I will be enjoying after bedtime tonight!)

1 comment:

Anthony & Sharon said...

Love these! I thought when I first saw it that the heart was photoshop painted on his chest... it looks bright and almost "pixely" around the edges... too fun that it's really playdough! Asher's face is priceless. 2 sweet valentines there Mama!