05 February 2011


We've been busy, getting back into normal life and figuring out how to do that in a big city with two little kids.

This is Dr. Anong, the doctor that delivered Jack. I had my last appointment with her a few weeks ago.

We borrowed a big stroller contraption from some friends. Thank goodness we borrowed and didn't buy. One walk around the neighborhood and Roger swore we were never using it again. It's a really big and can't really handle the cracks, bumps and craters on our street. Also, I could never get that thing and two kids into a taxi.

Now, for what does work around here: the Moby Wrap. I love it. Jack loves it. And it makes it fairly easy to get Asher and Jack down the street, into a taxi and across the city. It also gets a lot of stares, but after almost 5 years in Asia I'm sort of used to getting stared at.

Jack only sucks his thumb when he's in the Moby.

Now, for the big brother asleep in his bed.

One of Asher's hobbies is standing in front of the refrigerator whining and begging for food. This begins each day approximately 10 minutes after breakfast and lasts until bedtime. I get tired of constantly denying him, so I just give him lots of healthy junk.

Everybody's happy.

Especially this little guy.

He's happy almost all of the time, he's even started giving us a few smiles.

And that's the end of my rambling...for now...


Beth said...

Aww he sucks his thumb just like his big cousin!

Anthony & Sharon said...

Love this! As much as we LOVE our stroller, (Phil&Ted's!) I can't imagine having any type of stroller in Bangkok. No matter if it floated...because you'd still have to get it up to the sky train (and when escalators are broken, no way!) and into taxis. The Moby looks wonderful too and Jack sucking is thumb is just too precious!
Also...it's very comforting to hear that Asher begs for food all day. I know teenage boys eat a lot, and I can't imagine how its gonna be then if they just beg for food all day now! Apples and Bananas (and a wheat cracker) are our go-to foods.

Love it Mama!